Marketing & Advertising

Malaysia School Milk Program

Our plan is to introduce the “1 Malaysia Yogurt for School Program” and to Reintroducing the 1 MalaysiaSchool Milk Program. We are working hard to instill a dairy consuming TREND among Malaysians, while making sure that the children are also delivered with enough probiotic in their diet to ensure their health and well being are taken care off from an early stage. We would like to bring to the attention the importance of introducing dairy products to children from a nearly stage so that consuming dairy product becomes a “Culture” rather than a choice.

Eating Healthy

Educating the public on the importance of dairy products and eating healthy would be our main aim in improving and increasing the well being of our Malaysians. Providing the public with locally produced quality dairy products with an affordable price is one of our mission in accomplishing the above said aim. To achieve this we would employ social media and other marketing tools that would efficiently put the message across