About Us

We have been in the dairy cattle farming business for the past 11 years and have faced and defeated many obstacles throughout this journey of ours. We are proud to say today that we are one of the leading dairy cattle farmers in the southern region.

Looking back at those days when we were paid ‘LITTLE’ for our effort and this situation was made worse by the constant increase in feed and operating cost. We then decided to process our daily produce into yogurt. We started the Small Manufacturing Enterprise in the early years of 2008 under the ‘LONDON FRESH’ Brand name.

Learning everything from scratch gave us the boost to be more hardworking in establishing our grounds. Today we process about 2000 Liters of milk a day. We distribute to small and medium retailers starting from Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur as well as Southern parts of Perak.

We are constantly looking at expanding our market and are currently looking at Perak, Penang as well as into hypermarkets.




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Meet The Team

With long experience in farming and organic food producing, our team of experts proudly offers the best quality products.

Mr Tiru

Chief Executive Cowboy

Ms Yamuna

Chief Operations Cowgirl

Mr Bala



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